About Us

We are a husband and wife team...

obsessed with food and exploring. Having sampled some of the “best” desserts in the world, we still felt unfulfilled. We were over cupcakes, cakes, cake-pops, cookies and all the gluten filled and unsatisfying desserts. We wanted something sweet, but different; bold, but delicate. 

Enter KLADO, our brainchild: here to cure your sweet-tooth with a “new” dessert. KLADO, our unique spin on Brazilian brigadeiros, will elevate how you dessert. 

Klado founders - Jen Prado and Jesse Klee
What is a brigadeiro, you ask?
It is like the inside of a chocolate truffle, has a fudge-like consistency and is coated in an array of toppings. Once you have one, you’ll be saying – Cupcakes are basic, be an original.