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Oi! I'm Jen and my husband, Jesse, and I are the founders of Klado - House of Brigadeiros. 

Never had a Brigadeiro? Well, you're not alone. Neither did Jesse until he met me.

Having grown up in Brazil, Brigadeiros were an integral part of my life. At every celebration, Brigadeiros were front and center at the dessert table. As a child, I would patiently (who am I kidding, impatiently) wait until Happy Birthday was sung, just so I can finally eat Brigadeiros by the handful.

Jen Prado, Klado Founder, Childhood Picture

After moving back to America, my mother took on the tradition of making Brigadeiros for every one of my birthdays. I hated having to wait all year to eat Brigadeiros, so eventually, my mother passed on the baton and taught me how to make them. I never looked back.

Fast forward many years later, I met Jesse. I made him my signature childhood dessert, Brigadeiros, since I forgot to buy him a birthday cake. The sweet and indulgent aroma filled the room. Jesse couldn't wait for the batter to cool, so he grabbed a spoon, and dug in. Jesse loved it and ate the entire batch. He’d never had a brigadeiro before and was perplexed as to why not.

We began experimenting with the traditional brigadeiro recipe and we realized we could make it tastier, bolder and better. On a whim, we signed up for a local food market, and our newly invented brigadeiros were a hit. We sold out. We realized that we were onto something!

We have reimagined the brigadeiro and created flavors that tell a story. A story of adventure. A story of places, events and moments we’ve experienced. Not only did Jesse and I set out to create a company that embodied our spirits, but we also wanted to pay homage to my Brazilian roots. We created Klado, as a token of “thank you” to my parents and all those immigrants who made the ultimate sacrifice, leaving their country behind, in order to give their children a better life.

Klado is the culmination of years of untapped ideas and suppressed dreams! Klado is not only our last names combined (Klee + Prado), but it’s also an acronym for our motto: Keep Loving Adventure through Dessert and Originality. Klado is the New American Dream.

Jen & Jesse
Jen and Jesse, Klado founders, house of Brigadeiros. Our story.