What does KLADO mean?

KLADO Meaning - Keep loving adventure through dessert and originality

One of the questions we always get asked is what does Klado mean? Is it a word? Is it a name? Is it a place? What language is it?

The answer is, Klado means "us". Klado is the combination of Jen and Jesse, our last names put together. Klee + Prado = KLADO. We wanted our company to be a piece of us, a part of who we are, so what better way to do so than combining our names together to create a new word?

Not only is Klado a part of us, but Klado also stands for something deeper. Klado is the acronym standing for: Keep Loving Adventure through Dessert and Originality.

Keep Loving Adventure through Dessert and Originality is our motto! We love to travel, we love to try new things. We're constantly seeking new adventures. New experiences. We also love desserts. We love to eat. We love food. This is why we wanted our company to encompass all the things we love.

Klado is us. Klado is adventure. Klado is original. Klado is love. Klado is dessert. Klado is elevating the Brazilian truffle. Klado is creating something new. There is a bit of Klado in you!

With every brigadeiro we hope you experience something magical. We hope that our brigadeiros bring joy and the feeling of wonder. That you'll see a piece of us, Jen and Jess, and our love for food and travel in every Klado box. 

Klado meaning

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