This House of Brigadeiros has Found a Home in Jersey City's Hamilton Park

Jen and Jesse from Klado Opening Retail Store Announcement in Hamilton Park in Jersey City New Jersey

We're so excited to announce that this House of Brigadeiros has found a home in Jersey City, New Jersey! We searched high and low for the perfect place! We saw so many storefronts. We spent countless hours trying to find a place that we could call home. Little did we know that our answer was right below us.

Seven years ago, we lived in Hamilton Park. It's, in our opinon, the most charming neighborhood in all of Jersey City. We were residents at Hamilton Square, a condo building right on the park. We loved living there, but we had outgrown our apartment unit. After we moved to Hoboken, we would always come back and walk the neighborhood. Every time we'd go there, a feeling of euphoria would overtake us and we'd say to each other, "I wish we could have a store here." It was dream. A wish. 

There was no vacancy, no empty retail space. Stores would open there, but never leave. Then, one day we saw a tiny space that appeared to have opened up. Our hearts skipped a beat. 

We reached out to the leasing agent and to our delight the tiny space had just become available. Yes! Could this be it? Could this be Klado's future home?

We toured the space, all 50 square feet. We knew from the moment the door opened that this was exactly what we were searching for all long. The space, despite being tiny, was perfect. It had a European feel to it. It reminded us of some of the best places we'd been from Paris to Prague. The tiny, unassuming store that gave you an experience like no other. We knew that Klado belonged there!

We signed on the dotted line and committed! Then, as we walked outside and looked up, we realized that we had come full circle. The apartment we lived in seven years ago was two floors directly above the storefront. We never imagined that Klado's home would be in line (literally) with where we once lived in Hamilton Square. So many memories fluttered back. Some of our biggest life moments happened in that neighborhood.

It was the first apartment we lived in as a married couple. It was the first apartment where we made our first online sale for Klado (formerly known as Pick a BonBon). It was the first place where we realized that we had a business. Where the story of Klado began.

It's crazy how small the world is! The best part is that our address is 232.5 Pavonia Avenue. We always wanted to live in half a number. There was something exciting, unique and mysterious of living in something that was not whole. Now, Klado gets the privilege to call 232.5 home!

We're excited to meet some of our customers in person and share the Klado experience. We hope to make our tiny storefront a destination. A place where we not only sell Brazilian truffles, brigadeiros, but a place that evokes joy, wonder and excitement!

We'll be opening our doors soon and we hope you come visit us at 232.5 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07302

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  • I am so excited for you and Jesse! Your story is so amazing!

    Lieschen Magrath on

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