Nostalgia in Every Bite

KLADO Pie Time Box - Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie

Here at KLADO we believe that every bite tells a little story. One that you might want to re-live over and over again.

A few weeks ago, we were visiting with our parents and discussing some of our most popular flavors at our Micro-Retail. We mentioned Loco for Coco and my Dad’s eyes lit up. “I don’t think I’ve tried that flavor yet,” he said, excitedly, knowing what was coming next. As we gave him one to try, he closed his eyes and seemed to be going back in time. He started to tell a story of how the coconut in our brigadeiro reminded him of the ice cream man that used to come around when he would play outside with friends. That’s exactly the feelings we hope to evoke with every KLADO brigadeiro.

As we enter the Fall season here on the East Coast, we all have our own memories. For us, as temperatures drop a bit, we start to think of foods that warm us up and holiday gatherings. Which is why we created the Pie Box. A mix of apple and pumpkin pie, each reminiscent of a family gathering or a Thanksgiving spread. Whatever memory it evokes, we want it to be meaningful to you. 

If pie isn’t your thing or maybe you prefer the salty to sweet offerings, KLADO is there to help remind you of the experiences that are worth remembering. So whether you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for the friend or loved one that you haven’t seen in far too long (thanks again COVID!) or you just want something tasty to cozy up with for that next tv binge watch session, we have you covered. 

We can promise you this – all our flavors will remind you of an experience and in the process, you might even create some new memories worth re-living! 

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