KLADO Just Vote - The history of brigadeiros and voting

Like the sun rising every morning and the moon coming out at night, the right to vote is something often overlooked. Because in democratic societies, it kind of is just there.

The right to vote, however, is deeply rooted in our brigadeiro tradition. Rumor has it that the original Brazilian truffle, today our dear Brigadeiro originated during a Brazilian election back in the 1940s. History has it that the name "Brigadeiro" was coined after a Brazilian general, Sir. Eduardo Gomes. The position of General in Portuguese is "Brigadeir". As Mr. Brigadeir Gomes began running his political campaign, his supporters began making these delightful Brazilian chocolate truffles as a tribute. He not only won the election, but also the hearts of the people through their stomachs.

As we enter Election Day here in the United States, we not only remember our impetus for our culinary journey, but also reflect on the importance of making one’s own voice heard. The right to vote should not be taken lightly, but also should be exercised. Doing so allows every individual to make an impact on the outcome of an election. Although one may think that their votes “don’t count,” it is quite the opposite. Every vote counts and sometimes it is that one vote that can make all the difference.

So today, if you have already voted, wonderful. Please encourage others to do so. And if you haven’t done so yet, please go out and vote. Democracy exists for the purpose of individuals having their say in the political process. We, as the people, make our voices heard through the election process.

If you’re still having trouble motivating yourself, do what Brigadeir Gomes did so many years ago – set aside some chocolate or something sweet as a reward for yourself and going out there to exercise your vote. In the end, you’ll be doing your civic duty, your heart and head will feel better and your stomach will too!

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