Fall Is Officially Here, So Let's Celebrate!

KLADO Pie Time Brigadeiro Box

Happy October! We love all things Fall here at KLADO. From hayrides to pumpkin picking to enjoying the brisk cold air around us and the warming sensation of a Caliente brigadeiro bite.

This year, things feel different. The festive spirit flame is dim. The days, weeks and months have all blended together. Many of us have been stuck at home for months, while others have been battling on the front lines of COVID. This year, we believe it's more important than ever to embrace the holidays. To spend time with family and friends (socially distancing of course!). To spread kindness to all those around us. To cherish every moment. 

This year, things are different, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate! Instead, we should ignite the holiday spirit and what better way to start than with pumpkin & apple pie? This year, let us bring the holidays to your home through our holiday inspired brigaderio boxes

We're kicking off the holiday season with our π Time brigadeiro box. This is the perfect blend of fall, harvest with a hint of Thanksgiving. 

Don't let the holidays pass you by! Our KLADO brigadeiros are spooky good and they'll be sure to brighten your day! We're here for all your sweet-tooth needs, so don't be shy, join us in kicking off the holiday season with one of our curated brigadeiro boxes, shipped straight to your door. 

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