HoliYaY! Bringing the Comfort of the Holidays to You!

KLADO HoliYAY Brigadeiro Box

We love the holiday season! From spending countless hours watching cheesy Hallmark movies to indulging in peppermint, eggnog and all things festive! This year, the holidays mean so much more! We relish all of the precious moments with family and friends, even if they're through Zoom calls or socially distance gatherings. Since most of us will be celebrating the holidays solo or with a handful of loved ones, we wanted to create an extra special brigadeiro box for December - HoliYaY!

From the moment you open the HoliYAY box, we want you to be embraced by the festive spirts of Peppy, No EggNog and of course, The O.G.

Peppy, our take on a white chocolate candy cane bark, has a minty flare encompassed in a sea of white chocolate. It's decadent and smooth, so you don't have to worry about chipping a tooth (eff that bark ;))

No EggNog, is just that. An eggless EggNog concoction. We didn't think it was possible to turn a brigadeiro into eggnog, but with some creativity and a lot of trial-and-error we made it happen! Introducing our magical No EggNog!

Last, but not least, our chocolatey staple brigadeiro, The O.G. rounds out this amazing holiday box.

We love all our brigadeiro boxes equally, but this one has a special place in our heart (and our stomach)!

So whether you're putting up lights on the Christmas tree, lighting candles for eight nights or just enjoying the season, celebrate KLADO style and say "HoliYAY!"

 Happy Holidays!

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