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HoliYaY! Bringing the Comfort of the Holidays to You!

KLADO HoliYAY Brigadeiro Box
We love the holiday season! From spending countless hours watching cheesy Hallmark movies to indulging in peppermint, eggnog and all things festive! This year, the holidays mean so much more! We relish all of the precious moments with family and friends, even if they're through Zoom calls or socially distance gatherings. 

Motivation for our Creation

KLADO Brigadeiros Holiday Gift
One of the driving forces behind us creating KLADO was to solve the issue of gift giving! We wanted to create something that evoked joy from the moment it arrived to last bite. Since we couldn't find that balance between thoughtful and tasty, we decided to create it!


KLADO Just Vote - The history of brigadeiros and voting
The right to vote, however, is deeply rooted in our brigadeiro tradition. Rumor has it that the original Brazilian truffle, today our dear Brigadeiro originated during a Brazilian election back in the 1940s. History has it that the name "Brigadeiro" was coined after a Brazilian general, Sir. Eduardo Gomes. The position of General in Portuguese is "Brigadeir". As Mr. Brigadeir Gomes began running his political campaign, his supporters began making these delightful Brazilian chocolate truffles as a tribute. He not only won the election, but also the hearts of the people through their stomachs.