House of Brigadeiros

Artisanal Brazilian inspired truffles, Brigadeiros (, infused with the spirit of travel


Artisanal Brigadeiros

Elevating the Brazilian Chocolate Truffles with our unique flare - Exotic Flavors, Gluten Free and Nut Free


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Experience the wonder of KLADO by joining the first EVER brigadeiro subscription club. Every month you'll embark on a flavor adventure from the comfort of your home. The perfect gift for any occasion.

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What is a KLADO Brigadeiro (Bri·ga·DAY·ro)? It's a cross between fudge and a truffle. It has a creamy, velvety center with a crunchy outside. Each brigadeiro is handmade in small batches and delicately rolled in an array of toppings. Every brigadeiro is uniquely hand crafted from start to finish.

Fun fact about brigadeiros: It originated in Brazil, back in the 1940s. History has it that the name "Brigadeiro" was coined after a Brazilian general, Sir. Eduardo Gomes. The position of General in Portuguese is "Brigadeir". As Mr. Brigadeir Gomes began running his political campaign, his supporters began making these delightful Brazilian chocolate truffles as a tribute. He not only won the election, but also the hearts of the people through their stomachs.

Starring on Discovery Channel

Watch the KLADO founders, Jen and Jesse, embark on the magical journey of growing the business and making their delicious brigadeiros on the Discovery Channel series "I QUIT". Be sure to tune in and #klado. Click here to learn more.

KLADO Retail in Jersey City

Our first micro-retail store is located right outside of NYC nestled in Hamilton Park at 232.5 Pavonia Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Here we offer an array of flavors where you can create your own box of four, six or twelve brigadeiros and enjoy a scoop of Brigato (Brigadeiro Gelato). Now, you can  experience the wonder of KLADO in person!



THU - SAT : 1PM - 6PM


232.5 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 07030

The KLADO Difference

Stop compromising on dessert. We'll never make you choose between decadent and healthy.
Gluten Free

No gluten in our Brigadeiros. We love some gluten, but not in our desserts.

Nut Free

Don't go nuts worrying about our Brigadeiros. Visit our FAQ for more allergen info.

100 Calories or Less

Heavy on the taste, not on the waist. That's the Klado way. Indulge guilt-free and never feel guilty for having another.

Small Batch

We make our Brigadeiros the old school way, only a few at a time. 


Every Brigadeiro is meticulously handmade to order. No two are the same.

Premium Ingredients

A worldly affair. We use only the best ingredients sourced from around the world.


"I've tried a few flavors and each one was uniquely delicious. They're definitely may new go-to gifts. Much more thoughtful and special than a basic box of chocolates."

"Soooo good! The OG was awesome but I found the Matcha Libre strangely compelling. Can't wait to try some more!"

"Do yourself a favor and try this amazing dessert! Brigadeiros! They are beyond delicious and decadent. We were fortunate enough to stumble upon Klado. Wow! They also make amazing gifts. Anytime I have gifted a box, my friends agree about the deliciousness, creatively and originality. Love these!"

"We ordered the Loco for Coco which would travel from NJ to Kentucky. They arrived timely and were delicious. My husband loves coconut so now I will have to find a really good place to hide them or he will eat them. We would definitely order again!"

"The taste, texture, selection, presentation, and packaging are amazing. Klado is my new go-to spot any time I need a treat for my team, a gift for a visit, or just a weekday reward for myself. My favorite is the Caliente."