House of Brigadeiros

Artisanal Brigadeiros that will take you on a flavor adventure from Grandma's kitchen to the festive streets of Brazil


Not your average dessert - Handcrafted, Small Batch, Premium Ingredients


Artisanal Brigadeiros

Elevating the Brazilian truffle with our unique flare - Exotic Flavors, Gluten Free, Nut Free and Low Calorie



Yes, it's a crazy name, but it does mean something. Brigadeiro, pronounced Bri·ga.DAY·ro is known as a Brazilian truffle. It's named after a Brazilian general from the 1940s, Sir. Eduardo Gomes, who was trying to win the heart of the people through their stomach.

Brazilian Tradition. Our Unique Rendition.

Brazil is more than sexy beaches and soccer. Truth is, it's hard to fit into this tiny swimsuits eating too many Brigadeiros. UNTIL NOW.

From nostalgic to the exotic, Klado Brigadeiros will take you on a flavor adventure; one that is Gluten Free, Nut Free and Low Calorie. Because you should never have to choose between decadent and healthy.

Unwrap, take a bite and let us take you on a journey from Grandma's kitchen to the festive streets of Brazil. 

The KLADO Difference

Gluten Free

No gluten in our Brigadeiros. We try our best to keep these gluten rolled buddies away from the rest.

Nut Free

We want you be nuts about our Brigadeiros, but rest assured, no nuts are used anywhere in our products.


All our Brigadeiros are 100% Vegetarian. No meat is used in any of our products. Milk and Sugar are our key ingredients.

Small Batch

We make our Brigadeiros the old school way, only a few at a time. 


Every Brigadeiro is meticulously  handmade to order. No two are the same.

Premium Ingredients

We use only the best ingredients for our Brigadeiros, importing our milk from Brazil and using 100% Cacao

A Note From The Founders

A special message from the founders of Klado during COVID-19.


"I've tried a few flavors and each one was uniquely delicious. They're definitely may new go-to gifts. Much more thoughtful and special than a basic box of chocolates."

"Soooo good! The OG was awesome but I found the Matcha Libre strangely compelling. Can't wait to try some more!"

"These are the best brigadeiros I've ever had!  And I'm Brazilian, so I've had a lot of different brigadeiros."

"Their brigadeiros are delicious! They create a unique experience from the fun packaging and unique flavors and ingredients. The best part is I get to enjoy chocolate without feeling the guilt of calories!"